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Welcome to Lunar Kisses

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A magickal space created to share with you my love and passion for crystals, sacred tools and how I spread my gift of healing through my creations.  

My intentions are clear – may the souls who need me find me, in return, a one of a kind piece wholeheartedly created with pure love, weaved with magick and the utmost purest of intention for the higher good for you, as your companion or guide.

I am not one to scream and shout about “Ethically Sourced” crystals, I believe anything taken from Mother Earth whether it be carefully prised by hand with a pic and axe or with the use of heavy machinery is still taking away something from where nature intended them to be which in a way could be interpreted as unethical.

I do however pride myself with the people I work with in the past 7 years, the small business like me, the men & women who have the same love and passion for these crystalline beings. 

Loyalty, Trust, Respect and Friendship is what I have gained working hand in hand with my suppliers from around the world.  This is how I ensure the quality and authenticity of the crystalline beings I share with you.

Lunar Kisses bridges Crystalline Energies to their Earthly Guardians.


Altar + Sacred tools



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