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Hi and Welcome to Lunar Kisses!

My name is Denise Dawn, founder and creator of Lunar Kisses.

Crystal addict, crystal skull collector, intuitive maker, tree hugger, nature lover, moon gazer, plant momma and fur momma.

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Lunar Kisses was born in April 2017, first with the name of Sweet Sparkles selling crochet baby booties and cupcakes.


I’m an avid crafter and I want to try everything so the evolution of Lunar Kisses went something like.. Spell jars in small vials, spell jar jewelleries, Tibetan silver pagan charms jewelleries, dream catchers, gemstone bead jewelleries, subscription boxes, surprise gemstone bath bombs, macrame jewelleries, witchy pagan plaques, beachcombed treasures wire wrapped, tumble stone wire wrapped, clay pendants, candles.. labradorite cabochon wire wrapped (yup! For months and months, I only wrapped Labradorite!)


Alas! 7 years on and my love for metal bending is still strong!


The name ‘Lunar Kisses’ was born in a WhatsApp brainstorm group between me, Melanie (sis-in-law to be) & Jules (mum-in-law to be) – the other names we came up with were Lunar Sparkles, Kisses to the Moon and Lunar Kiss.

Lunar Kisses grew stronger year after year, our journey took us to many craft events, mind, body & spirit events, pagan fairs and festivals.  To all the event organisers that have invited Lunar Kisses to their events – my greatest gratitude to you.  I have met a lot of friends and have had amazing and truly one of a kind experiences.  It made me feel part of a family! Thank you.



Throughout the pandemic, the support through our monthly FB Group Update has been a big part of LK’s success – Thank you! 

2020 is the year I took the leap of faith and followed my dreams, this year, I became self-employed, this year was the start of the pandemic, this year we built an amazing online community.  We laugh, we played games, month after month, there was something new!  I truly felt connected, the support and the love you all gave me is so heartwarming and remained the fuel to my inspirations.

Thank you for the friendships that bloomed during this time that made 2021 a year to remember.. because  I have met soooo many of you for real!  I got real hugs and real feels, real touch – this mean so much to me!

And this brings us to now, a new chapter begins with this website.  A space I’ve created to showcase and share my love, passion and creations.  May this space bring you joy, smiles and good vibes.

Magick & Love,

Denise Dawn

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