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Shiva Lingam Skulls are close to LK's Heart, why? I hear you ask.  Andy, my other half's first ever skull is an Enhydro Himalayan Shiva Lingam Skull and he is called Dennis.  I too fell inlove with Dennis and since then have asked carvers Shri. Kalu Ram and Shri. Lalit Mohan to carve more "Baby Dennis's" in different stones.


You will receive the exact item in the pictures.


Weight: 711g

Dimensions: H125mm x W65mm x L70mm


How do I describe this beauty?  A beautiful sweet darling with beautiful veils, if you look closely you will see tiny bubbles, some of them move however very miniscule! (I looked through jeweller's loupe).  She (I feel) have clear windows as well as very airy and flowy veils, can be a great scrying tool.

02 Himalayan Quartz Shiva Lingam Skull

Only 1 left in stock
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