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A beautiful Lavender Rose Quartz Sphere carefully chosen by yours truly.
You will receive the exact item in the pictures.


Weight:   432g

Dimensions:   67mm


The sphere stand in the picture is not included however, 
you will receive a wooden ring sphere stand with your order.


Lavender Quartz is a stone of love, healing and joy.  It is actually a type of Rose Quartz with a high level of titanium or manganese within it (hence the colour, which is a sort of lilac pink.)

It is said to alleviate lack of self worth and low self esteem, and helps to assist with appreciating the things around you. It has a lovely positive effect on this the mind whilst dispelling mental blockages, but it also brings love and joy to the carrier.

Lavender Rose Quartz Sphere

Only 1 left in stock
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