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*Released from my Private Collection*

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This Momma Gaia has been sitting on my altar just over a year now, as keepers of crystals (I say keeper not owner - as we are mere guardians for these beings!) I often ask if their "journey" with me is complete or there are more to learn from each other.


This beauty is ready to find her new keeper, too me she is pretty spectacular, quite milky at a first glance, however, if you look deeper, you see on her belly alone form a perfect round of hematite specs, on her crown sits layers of beautiful chlorite inclusion.  To me, it looks like a beautiful nature crown.  Perfect! as she is Momma Gaia.


Weight: 2058g

Approx Size:  H190mm x W135mm

You will receive the exact same item as in the pictures.


Lemurian quartz crystals create a connection with the Divine Feminine, unification of the soul, access to knowledge and wisdom of ancient Lemuria.  A variety of quartz that embodies the soft, loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. They can assist one in finding harmony within and to join with the Divine energy. It assists one in opening to the energy of the soul.


Chlorite Quartz can be used to stimulate healing of any dis-ease, as its function is to harmonise the higher vibrational energies of the aura,

Lemurian Quartz with Chlorite Inclusion Momma Gaia by Leandro Souza

£1,800.00 Regular Price
£888.00Sale Price
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