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This Red Planet Obsidian (also called Peanut Obsidian) Wire Wrapped in Gold Plated Pendant is handcrafted by yours truly, with lots of Love and Magick.


• Approximate Dimensions: H70mm x 30mm.

• Your pendant will hang on an adjustable cord necklace and presented in a drawstring pouch.

•Your pendant will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

•The piece you see in the pictures and video is the exact piece you will receive.


~Peanut Obsidian or Red Planet Obsidian is a variety of Perlite and a naturally occurring amorphous volcanic glass. The chatoyant radiating red-orange spheres which make this stone so unique are actually feldspar crystals that have been stained red over time by a coating of Hematite.

Red Planet Obsidian Gold Plated Wire Wrapped Pendant

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